Thanksgiving Fresh!

I've been struggling with the budget at home lately. We have a lot of work that needs to be done on the house we are currently in, and none it will be cheap! We are blessed to have all we have, but the things we are facing require us to SAVE! Keeping that in mind, … Continue reading Thanksgiving Fresh!

Blessings and Blues

The blog has not had much TLC over the last month or so. I can tell you guys about all the wonderful things I've been up to. But, the reality is that all those wonderful tales of time not being on my side; taking care of my home; my job consuming my life; etc. are … Continue reading Blessings and Blues

Resolution Re-Start

The end of February is here, and by now, you are realizing that your resolution to (insert anything about working out and being healthy) is pretty much nonexistent. Trust me, I'm not the resolution type, but I had every intention on being more proactive when it came to working out and eating healthier. Thanks to … Continue reading Resolution Re-Start

6 Moms That Sizzled on the MTV VMAS Red Carpet

I'm slowly getting in that sweet spot of knowing who I am as a mother and who I am as a woman. I know most people think, "how long does it take?" Seriously, our daughter is almost one. The reality is that there is no right or wrong answer. Each woman takes a different journey … Continue reading 6 Moms That Sizzled on the MTV VMAS Red Carpet