What’s The Skinny???

Blog - ProfileThis is my view on the world from a “plus” view! I’ve always wondered where I could go to find help in my time of fashion need, or where I could go to not feel criticized about actually not wanting to lose my curves… but, still wanting to stay fit. My body has been the one thing I’ve battled with since probably 3rd grade (being the only girl with boobies isn’t always a good thing). Since having my daughter in October of 2013, I’ve developed a more “plus” way of thinking about my body and my life. I refuse to give up fashion, because my waistline is a little bit larger than most. I refuse to give up on fashion because I’m a new mother, and 24 hours a day seems to feel like only 2. I also refuse to be told that I’m unhealthy because my BMI doesn’t meet the standards that are set by someone who would want me to look like a skeleton on these big bones! Trust me, I’ve lost a ton of weight before, and it just doesn’t look right on these hips! Welcome to a space where curves are welcomed, and all the advice I can give on fashion, being a mommy, and fitness will be in abundance! I promise you, if I don’t have the skinny… I’ll find someone who does!

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