Working It Out

Women have a built in ability to simply work things out. No matter how many hours are in a day, or how few resources are available, we seem to just work it out. So, I’m sure any woman can understand my frustration with not being able to simply… work out. Seriously, I have been a human yo-yo with my weight, eating habits, and workout discipline the last few months. The struggle is all too real!

I had begun to doubt my ability to be the strong woman I usually know myself to be. Standing in the mirror saying – “You are wonderfully and beautifully made in His image. You can accomplish and achieve all things, because your strength comes from above” – was no longer holding the same uplifting and motivational boost it once held before. My faith hadn’t changed, but my faith in myself and my ability to push through had definitely changed. Truthfully, I thought it was gone. I wasn’t able to find the motivation to do workouts at 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm like I had done so long ago.

*side note: yes, I say the statement above to myself almost every morning!

The reality is that life has changed for me. We never really think about how external changes effect everything going on inside. I was trying to work out and navigate life like I did years ago. That makes no sense, right? But, it made sense to me when I became frustrated about things not being as easy as before. Of course I could work out at 9 or 10 pm before… I wasn’t a wife and I didn’t have a little one who fights her 8:30 pm bedtime well until after 9:00 pm. I didn’t have the same responsibilities. My job did not demand extra hours of work outside of the traditional 9:00 to 5:00. Things have changed, and the reality is that I will probably never go back to the days of extreme workouts at all times in the night. But, that doesn’t change this one fact: I was not happy with where I was with my body.

Here’s the mantra, “I can and will change the things I can change.” There are so many things that I am not in control of, but these things… what I put in my mouth & how I treat my body… are things I have control of. Though I may not go hard in the gym daily, I do make sure I get some cardio in at least 3 to 4 times a week. If you are a curvy girl, I recommend getting some great workout gear that won’t have your thighs on fire. Recently, I invested in a couple of items from Lane Bryant’s Livi Active line. The signature stretch active knee shorts have been great! I hate that I always have to find some leggings or some biker shorts to wear under my traditional work out shorts to keep my thighs from chaffing and hurting after a jog. Plus, it’s hot outside! Who wants to workout in 90 degree plus weather in leggings?

My frustration has become a form of some acceptance. I accept that things in my life have changed for the good, and that means making decisions that work for me at this stage in my life. My time is limited, and if my workout happens while playing with my little one, it’s a win for the family. I may not burn 800+ calories, but I am being active and spending time with my family. My choices revolve around a greater goal than simply looking a certain way. My choices revolve around my happiness and the happiness of my two loves. I may not be happy with my body, but I’m happy with the choices I’m making to change it now. The results will not be as fast, but the results will be there when they come. I’m working it out for the season my life is in now.


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Photo cred: My hubby – TJ Glenn @Goodfella_t1k

Resolution Re-Start

The end of February is here, and by now, you are realizing that your resolution to (insert anything about working out and being healthy) is pretty much nonexistent. Trust me, I’m not the resolution type, but I had every intention on being more proactive when it came to working out and eating healthier. Thanks to Panera for providing me with a free bagel a day for the month of February, I’ve been on carb overload. And, let’s not forget the hazelnut cream cheese with that bagel! It is a must! I’ve been living on carbs and sugars all month… naturally, I haven’t been my usual self.

I started noticing changes when I started having a hard time waking up in the morning. I was always tired, and the usual coffee boost was just not enough anymore. I started to get frustrated with myself for being so lazy. But, I never changed any of the poor decisions I was making daily when it came to eating or physical activity.

Today, while I ran errands this morning with our daughter, I did notice a change. The past week had been one of my busiest weeks. But, I wasn’t as sluggish as I had been. I was waking up in the morning without so much effort. My daughter and I were both dressed and out the door both days this weekend before 8:30 am. That’s correct! We were in target on a Saturday morning before 9:00 am, and I had not had one drop of coffee.

The difference between this past couple of weeks and the others was that I had started to implement some small habits that I had not been doing before. I didn’t think much of these changes, but I  started them anyway thinking, “doing something is better than nothing.”

First, I started back drinking Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother in the morning and evening. I do not put a lot of effort into the measurements. I take a shot glass from our cabinet, pour the ACV in it, and then pour this wonderfulness into a glass of cold water. I drink this as I would anything else. I go about my morning routine while sipping on this drink. I do the same in the evening while making dinner. My hubby knocks it back in one shot, and drinks water after. It’s pretty bitter and strong stuff, so start small and go from there. I would advise diluting it with water and a little honey.

Next, I stopped drinking so much coffee. Seriously, I could easily average about one full coffee pot a day. I did not stop on purpose. I was just so busy that I could never get to the kitchen to refill my cup as much as I normally did.

I started back taking some key supplements that were helpful in the past. I know that people say taking a multivitamin is great, but sometimes your body needs a little more. My metabolism definitely changed after I entered into my 30’s. Knowing this, I started back taking 7-Keto with DHEA to help with my metabolism. I also added White Kidney Bean back to my supplement rotation to help metabolize all the carbs, fats, and sugars I was taking in. 


Finally, I implemented one of my favorite detox drinks. I drink a lot of wine from time to time. Sometimes I put some spirits in rotation too. But, I always feel the effects much worse than I did before when I have a little too much. This liver detox drink has been a go to for me, and it almost always has an effect within an hour or sooner. I drink this mid-day, and just sip on it while going about my day.

 Even though I haven’t been as good to my body as I should, I am taking these small steps toward being a little happier and healthier. This week, I hope to get back to it in the gym. I hope that these little tidbits help you guys get back on track for the New Year. It is only February! You’ve still got 10 months until the next New Year. Everyday is a new day to start all over. FYI: your skin will be amazing after a week or so of just drinking the ACV and taking a hair, skin, and nail supplement alone!