Little Skinnies: FabFitFun Fall Box 2016

I’ve done a post on FabFitFun boxes before. I actually enjoyed the welcome box, spring, and summer boxes so much that I’ve stuck with them. The price used to make me second guess the box every time I would get a notice right before my box would ship, but I’ve stayed with them – $49.99 VIP price and all. So, my Fall box came toward the beginning of October. I am not a lover of Fall or Winter – like some people. I will never be running to Starbucks for the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Fall and Winter just aren’t my seasons – but I do love the two major holidays within those months (Thanksgiving and Christmas)!

So, back to this box. There are a lot of wonderful goodies in this box for the Fall lover, and even I had to admit that the box put me in better spirits for the season.

The Goodies:

  1. Modcloth Blanket Scarf
  2. The BrowGal Brow Gel
  3. Mullen & Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil
  4. Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum
  5. Tumbler
  6. Cottonelle Wipes
  7. Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer & A Spongelle Percentage Off Offer
  8. Pure Cosmetics Nude Eyeshadow Palette
  9. A Coloring Book & Color Pencils
  10. Trial Size – Secret Deoderant

I love the blanket scarf, and it is super cozy! I have heard from the FabFitFun forum that the it may unravel a little too quickly. I haven’t had that problem. I like it just fine with the tumbler in hand. And, that tumbler is filled with a macchiato – not some PSL mess!

The brow gel was amazing, and I made sure to post my use on snapchat.

The oil has been perfect! It smells wonderful. The smell isn’t over powering. I use both the oil and the Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum before I settle for bed.

I have not had a chance to put the eyeshadow palette to use, nor have I used the body wash infused buffer. The buffer smells so good, I did not want to use it on a routine shower or bath. I want to put it to use for a special bath occasion. The same with the eyeshadow palette.

The rest of the items were ok, but not my favorites. The cottonelle wipes were put to use by our toddler, who thought they were her flush-able wipes. The coloring book and pencils are on my nightstand, and have yet to be used. Maybe one day, I will color to de-stress after a long day. Then, I can tell you if this coloring thing really works. And, the deodorant went right in my gym bag.

As you can see, these boxes definitely give you some good items! I think, enough to be worth the $39 or $49 every 3 months. The Fall boxes have all been shipped, but the Winter boxes will be out soon! Sign up here and get 20% off: FabFitFun – 20% Off


Thanksgiving Fresh!

I’ve been struggling with the budget at home lately. We have a lot of work that needs to be done on the house we are currently in, and none it will be cheap! We are blessed to have all we have, but the things we are facing require us to SAVE! Keeping that in mind, I was getting so discouraged about wearing the same old outfits that I have been wearing since last year to family gatherings this week. I know what you all are thinking: you blog about clothes!?! I do blog about clothing and fashion from time to time, but that doesn’t mean I spend a fortune on it. Also, life changes just as the seasons do. There are seasons in mine and my hubby’s life where we are able to spend more and do more. In this season, we are saving to finally remodel our house and to make some other changes.

So, as I went on with life thinking of various ways to put new spins on what I already had in my closet, I found myself in the right place at the right time. I had a meeting in another city for my job, and afterwards I found myself with about 30 to 45 minutes of time before my next meeting that day. So, I drove in route to my next location, and noticed a Cato’s Fashions. I’ve got a few minutes, so why not stop?! And, I’m glad I did!

I’ve been sleeping on Cato’s for a long time. I think I went in one day about six months ago in search of a specific item, and came out empty handed. I just began to pass them by from that point on. Sorry Cato’s, but we are definitely friends again!

I actually bought 4 items, and links are below. However, I only took pictures for my favorite two items. I will be putting both of these dresses on at some point during the Thanksgiving shuffle.

This Faux Suede Midi Dress was on sale in store for $14.99! It was perfect in every way! The material stretches, and it gives… just in case you were planning your outfit around your meals. I was so surprised, because the dress ran small. I am normally an 18/20. I had to get this dress in a 16. I paired it with some basic accessories. The earrings were on sale at Cato’s, as well – $1.99!

The next dress, I could not find on the website to save my life! Ladies, you may only be able to get this dress in store. And, I wish you luck, because this yellow/orange hued midi dress was only $9.99! I was in heaven when I put this dress on! It runs small. I am wearing a 16 in this dress, as well. If I find a similar dress in my searches, I will definitely share. The earrings are another sale item at Cato’s – $1.99!

Let me just tell you, I am one happy woman! I got two dresses, two pairs of earrings, an Asymmetrical Zip Pencil Skirt ($6.99), A Knit Sweater Duster (Similar Here – Vest), and Lace Up Flats – $7.99 for $50.00! To God be the Glory! Have an awesome Thanksgiving with friends and family! Keep checking out the blog! I plan to post over the Thanksgiving break!

*All photos taken by @VisualbyT


Little Skinnies: Little Boxes = So Much Happiness

Hey there everyone! It has been sometime since I have blogged. I’ve been in thought about what I truly want The Skinny Plus to be, and hoping to develop a good brand as I continue this journey. 

A colleague at work gave me a great idea, and this post is the start of my “Little Skinnies.” Little Skinnies are small snippets to give each of my readers a look at a great deal, a quick recipe, and anything else that maybe note worthy in a short post. 

I’ve been sharing this wonderfulness from Walmart Beauty that gave me a little bit of happiness a couple of weeks ago. Walmart Beauty now has Beauty Boxes; similar to those by Essence, Birchbox, Allure, etc. 

The best thing about the Walmart Beauty box is that it is FREE! You only have to pay a $5 shipping fee! 

 The box had a lot of little goodies that warmed my heart. Some of the items I put to the side for travel. The sample sizes are perfect to take on the go. So, head on over to the Walmart Beauty Box site, and get yourself a little bit of happiness in the mail… Well, in about two weeks.