Share A Little Happiness

The world is filled with so much negativity. It is so hard to simply say yes to life when fear continues to show up. Every positive speaking person will tell you not to live in fear, but is that even realistic - especially with children? I'm constantly thinking about the world today, and the protection … Continue reading Share A Little Happiness

Stress Free Easter

Easter is truly a big deal! We are celebrating Jesus' resurrection from the grave. His death and resurrection is why we all have been forgiven. So, why do we make Easter about so much more than this?! I admit our family buys into all the other fun stuff too: Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, new … Continue reading Stress Free Easter

Little Skinnies: FitFabFun

Here I am two broken iPhones later, and you would think life could go on without a phone. I'm sad to say that I felt lost the last two and a half weeks without my phone. #firstworldproblems However, over the course of this down period, I received two wonderful boxes of goodies. I received my … Continue reading Little Skinnies: FitFabFun

Resolution Re-Start

The end of February is here, and by now, you are realizing that your resolution to (insert anything about working out and being healthy) is pretty much nonexistent. Trust me, I'm not the resolution type, but I had every intention on being more proactive when it came to working out and eating healthier. Thanks to … Continue reading Resolution Re-Start

Little Skinnies: Little Boxes = So Much Happiness

Hey there everyone! It has been sometime since I have blogged. I've been in thought about what I truly want The Skinny Plus to be, and hoping to develop a good brand as I continue this journey.  A colleague at work gave me a great idea, and this post is the start of my "Little … Continue reading Little Skinnies: Little Boxes = So Much Happiness

A Little Motivation

My intentions for the New Year were to be more dedicated to blogging. It's still January. However, I do feel that I have fallen behind. My hope is that this little page of mine can be a little piece of positivity for someone out there. This blog is a space to share what little wisdom … Continue reading A Little Motivation

Little Hands = Little Blessings

When it's time for our little girl to go to bed. We sit on her floor, we hold hands, and we pray. This is by far one of the best moments of my evening! I am sure you all can image how hard it is to get a 2 year old to sit still. But, … Continue reading Little Hands = Little Blessings

Jumping in 2016 – One Day at a Time

Another year is about to begin, and a lot of us are probably thinking one of the following: I totally failed at every resolution I made last year. This year is going to be my year! I'm going to get fit, eat less sugar, lose weight, workout more, drink less, cut out breads, and cut … Continue reading Jumping in 2016 – One Day at a Time

You’re Gonna Be Great… Hopefully…

I really wanted to have an excuse for a shopping trip this weekend. But, I kept reading and seeing everything under the sun that had to do with family, working moms, becoming a parent, and all those other things that give you warm fuzzy feelings inside - and bring life into prospective. I do not … Continue reading You’re Gonna Be Great… Hopefully…

In the Midst of A Self-Hate Attack Storm with Nothing to Wear!

I was in the midst of a real rut last week, and felt like I had nothing to wear! I went to the closet and looked, and looked, and looked some more... I just kept flipping through each dress, skirt, shirt, blouse, etc. until I just gave up. I had to make a decision! Our … Continue reading In the Midst of A Self-Hate Attack Storm with Nothing to Wear!