Rise Up – Heels and Sports

I love everything about football season – tailgating, game day parties, game winning plays that seem to have you on the edge at the end of each game, and I especially love a hard hit! Now, I know that it may seem as if I know nothing about sports or have no idea what goes on in a football game – that isn’t the case! My dad has always been the ultimate football fan. Football season equates to, “Dad isn’t going anywhere because there is a game on.” We don’t ask my dad to do anything, or bother him the entire season #Truestory.


Now, my husband and I don’t have the ability to shut everything down to focus in on every game during the season. If we could… I don’t know… maybe. It’s hard for me to sit still too long. We have found ways to enjoy the season with a toddler in tow. It isn’t all that hard. You have to find kid friendly environments, and plan! When we know we want to go out to watch a game with our little one, we have to be aware. Here’s a good list of things to keep in mind to have an enjoyable football watching experience:

  • Afternoon game – early nap prior to the game is a must!
  • Bring a tablet – download favorite games and shows (just in case there is no Wi-Fi)
  • Outside tailgating – be sure there is plenty of room for your kid to run, and that other families will be bringing their children (it’s no fun being the only parents there with your kid, and your kid will be bored)
  • Pick restaurants with some fun things to distract your kid with how long they have actually been sitting (i.e. Buffalo Wild Wings – provides tablets for toddlers, and Red Robin has little chalk boards for children to play with).
  • Take a walk during half-time – this works best when at a restaurant and you plan on staying the entire time. Go outside, and let your kid roam freely for a little while. This will give you and your child a break from sitting so long.
  • Take extra snacks – sounds crazy if you are already in an eating establishment, but it works. You’ve probably eaten by half-time, and it is inevitable that your child will ask for a snack or something else to sip on during the second half. Save yourself some money, and keep your child from eating more french fries by having your own snacks available during the second half.
  • House parties are your friend – not the house parties we went to in college and in our 20s! I’m talking about the gatherings with friends and family that are usually pretty chill. Friends with other kids are usually around, when children get sleepy – there is usually a guest bedroom to lay them down in, and when a meltdown occurs – it’s not so bad (everyone there probably understands).

So, there is my basic checklist to survey Football season with a toddler in tow! These tips work for us, most of the time. You can’t plan for everything. Know when to leave, because an unhappy toddler in the wrong environment is no fun for you and everyone else around. Share your tips, if you have some that have worked!

Outfit details: My outfit is a combination of items from the closet! I’m not a jersey wearing girl, but I had to figure out a way to represent! Knit hat: My husband’s, Red Shirt: Forever 21 (Similar Here), Short Sleeved Jacket: Rainbow (Similar Here), and Skirt: Fashion to Figure.

I hope each of you enjoy Super Bowl LI today! I know the Falcons will #RiseUp and win one for Atlanta today!

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