Share A Little Happiness

The world is filled with so much negativity. It is so hard to simply say yes to life when fear continues to show up. Every positive speaking person will tell you not to live in fear, but is that even realistic – especially with children? I’m constantly thinking about the world today, and the protection of my family. I do not have to list all the reasons that show up on the news or on my social media timelines daily that fuel these thoughts. But, I don’t let my constant thoughts keep us from living.

Our Little One Giving Daddy a Flower – Photo Cred @goodfella_t1k

I’m hoping that everyone reading this post today has a feel good morning, day, and every day after today. There was no intent to post a really long blog with some self affirmations today. However, I wanted to leave everyone with a little happiness. Live in Faith and not Fear today and the next. We can not control what others do, but we have ultimate control over ourselves and our own actions. Faith, Love, Peace and Blessings. Share a little happiness today! Happy Monday everyone!

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