Stress Free Easter

Easter is truly a big deal! We are celebrating Jesus’ resurrection from the grave. His death and resurrection is why we all have been forgiven. So, why do we make Easter about so much more than this?! I admit our family buys into all the other fun stuff too: Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, new clothes, big bows, and good food. But, the true meaning (same as with Christmas) is what matters.

This year, we truly kept it simple. I think this year, we only spent about $35 on Easter. Period! We got Leyah a basket with some fun things (and only like 4 pieces for candy), and we headed to the dollar store to get more fun things to make her a basket with more goodies, which totaled $24.

Later, we headed to the grocery store. I got coffee, wine, and pepper. Luckily, I had already done most of our shopping last weekend. There was plenty in the freezer and plenty in the fridge. No need to stress there! Easter dinner, DONE! $13.00 at the grocery store.

Lastly, what to wear? what to wear? Leyah has an excellent support system outside of Mommy and Daddy. Her Aunt Michelle bought her dress for Easter, and she was given another dress to wear by her Aunt Cat (you know, just in case she needed a wardrobe change). She already had shoes and bows, so no need to shop for anything. Mommy and Daddy shopped in our closets, and we were all set. I wore shoes that I had not worn since college. My mom commented on them, not remembering that she was actually the one who had bought them for me.

Now, here I am relaxing with what was left of the wine I bought, and I will actually be in bed before 12:00 am on a Sunday night. I do have a point to all this, and it is that “less is more.” This Easter was the most laid back, and stress free Easter we have had. Church was great, family was great, and the hubby and I even got a few hours to ourselves. Look at God working things out! I can’t say that next year will be the same. I did mention to my mom about stepping up and cooking dinner. Maybe she will forget by next year… doubt it. Either way, Happy Easter! #HeIsRisen

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