Spring Time Blues

I have been meaning to get back to blogging. I think my weekend a couple of weeks ago really made it impossible to not blog about some nice little go to items I have in my closet.

I did not get a chance to post my outfit for Friday night. Only because I didn’t make it to my friends gathering in time! I know, I know… horrible. But, in my defense, it ended earlier than expected. So, I did what any woman would do when an outfit doesn’t get seen. I put it on Saturday night for fun with family!

Dip N' Dab - CloserDip N' Dab - Far OffDip N' Dab Smile

I got this skirt from Forever 21 over a year ago, and it has been a go to ever since! It’s so comfortable, and it isn’t too long or too short. If Forever 21 can bring this back, I’m sure I’ll be the first to buy it again in every available color! So, since the skirt is no longer available, you can try the Knit Bandage Skirt – Forever 21 now available. It comes in blue, and looks just as cute! Plus, if you are on a budget, It’s only $9.90!

The tanks I have on are from Old Navy. Nothing special, just your average comfortable fitted tank. I have on a black one under the striped black and white tank. I just hate for my bra to show too much. So, wearing a black tank under the striped one helped to hide my black bra straps some.

I honestly think this will be my go to causal look for the summer. A nice fitted tank, body con skirt, a couple of cute jumpsuits, and a few maxi dresses. Those are the items I know I need in my closet in plenty for Spring and Summer.

The weekend didn’t stop there, and I’m so thankful I have friends that are constantly doing things in their communities. If it were not for my over achieving friends, I wouldn’t get invited to events like Salon De The’. I can’t speak one word of french, but I was definitely excited to support a Wesleyan sister and friend. I got a number of compliments on my blue dress. Honestly, this dress was just a very simple pick! I have really been living in a simplicity is best type of world lately. I pick items that go on easy, allow plenty of movement (remember I have a toddler now), and can transition from work to play with simple changes. This dress does exactly that!

Salon De The - Models                                      Salon De The - Brittney and I

Salon De The - Shanita and I

Salon De The - Ny and I

I picked this little blue dress up at JC Penny for only $21.00 (JC Penny Sleeveless Shift Dress)! Yep, that is absolutely correct! The back exposes the zipper, and looks great! Check out the link to the dress on JC Penny’s website to see! It only goes up to XL, but the dress gives. So, don’t doubt it before trying it on, if you have some extra curves.

I’m pretty sure everyone will be doing some variations of bright colors, prints, and whites. But, I think blue has chosen me for the spring and summer months!

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