Marlie Madison Boutique Trying to Grow on the Plus Side

A friend of mine shared a Facebook post with me today from the Marlie Madison Boutique. I have never shopped this boutique, but once I went to the page, I wished I had found them a long time ago. They are actually trying to cater to plus size women, instead of just sticking to the straight sizes we see most boutiques sticking to. So, here is the post that was shared online:




I know there are 450 plus size women in that are interested in making their fall wardrobe look ten times better by showing Marlie Madison Boutique some love. But for now, check out the site and the oh so cute tops and maxis dresses they have in their plus size section:

You can also give them a like and a shout on Facebook:

Let’s all help another boutique grow on the plus side!

2 thoughts on “Marlie Madison Boutique Trying to Grow on the Plus Side

  1. Thank you so much for supporting us! We consider ourselves Plus Size Advocates in the women’s fashion world 😉 We’re trying to partner with the right people to make it possible to carry these items in all sizes!

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