A Little Lace and Mimosas

A couple weekends ago, I had a couple of brunches with both family and friends. Lately, it has been really rare for this new mommy to get out; and, I was definitely ready for some time out of the house! So, as usual, I over dressed… according to some; but for me, I was dressed to fit me and my mood #flawless !

I found this Forever 21 textured lace dress while out shopping in June. The dress is a bodycon dress. Give me a bodycon skirt or dress any day! There are only two problems with this dress

1. If you have a little junk in your trunk, be ready to have a dress that should fall right above the knee, to fall right below the cheeks in the back. You have to be in a super confident mood to pull it off!

*Honestly, I want to wear this again on a date night with the hubby. 

2. It’s sold out! So sorry ladies, but the link is above should it ever come back.

Lace 1

Lace 3Lace 2

One thought on “A Little Lace and Mimosas

  1. Love it as usual!!!♡♡♡ Being a new mommy it is hard to get spare time, but I say when you do get it, go ALL OUT!!!!! Enjoy it!!! Be GLAMOROUS, BOLD, CHIC, SEXY, AND CONFIDENT.

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