Monday Blues

So it’s back to the daily grind today! Yes, I have a real job that I go to Monday – Friday. No worries though, because my job aka the “golden handcuffs” pays the bills; and, I actually like what I do. Go figure. But, since I’m held to a different standard at work (no crop tops regardless of how cute they are), I’ve found ways to make my professional look still fashionable and not boring. Blog 11 Today, I wore one of my favorite Goodwill find tops. I wish I could tell you where to find it in a store, but I can’t. I paired it with one of the best things God could have had man ever invent – pencil skirts! This blue pencil skirt has made an appearance in my weekly routine for the past month or so. Too bad it’s sold out. Click the link the in pic below to find this skirt – just in case Forever 21 decides to bring it back (they tend to do that a lot). The shoes – Target Baby!  A basic black pump can go with almost anything!

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