Wear Your Stripes Girl!

Fashion rules are all around. Don’t wear white after Labor Day, don’t wear denim on top of denim, don’t mix black and brown, and heaven forbid you wear horizontal stripes if you are larger than a size 12.

I don’t know who said it first, but RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN! Every woman has something that can make any item of clothing look amazing. And,everything isn’t for every woman. But, don’t hold back on stripes because of some silly rule! Try them out! Wear your stripes on every curve of your body with pride, and I’m sure no one will complain!

This is a space for any and every one! I don’t discriminate based on size, but most of the topics here are related to women that think on the PLUS side of life! Even my mommy topics have a PLUS focus, because let’s face it being PLUS is a blessing that the world just doesn’t seem to be ready for yet.

Yes, I wear stripes – horizontal and vertical! Yes, I wear heels almost every day of the week – because I love them! Yes, I believe you should still make sure you look your best when you leave the house, because you never know who you’ll run into (It never fails, you always see someone when you look your worst)! And, Yes, I believe that every woman has something to give no matter your size! So start thinking on the PLUS side of life, and follow my journey!

Forever 21 Retro Striped Sweater Dress
Forever 21 Retro Striped Sweater Dress

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